Le Savon by Terres Dorées
To better understand our history, we go back almost 20 years back.

family recipe at the villefranche soap factory

At almost 70, Taïde Cardelli, still in great shape, deploys all her energy in the soap factory created by her children. Located at 10 avenue Sadi Carnot opposite the entrance to the citadel of Villefranche "TERRES DOREES", an artisanal soap factory, is located at the exact spot where 14 years ago Taïde owned the restaurant "Le Mediterranée" and you could Treat yourself with its fresh pasta and ravioli made with love and by hand in the restaurant kitchen. Pasta, she always makes it, but it is not quite the same, because it is used to produce soap based on coconut oil, in the same premises entirely renovated in an Italo Provençal style. The cookers and kitchen tables have been replaced by mixers and mixers. In the secret of the laboratory, another type of recipe is developed. Perfumes from here and elsewhere, Taide prepares and mixes the ingredients that finalize the soap. Once the preparation transformed into spaghetti, then mixed again it gives them a particular twist.

tradition savon artisan nice villefranche

The shape, a wave, also has a history. One day an American wanted us to design a soap reminiscent of the sea. We then designed this mold which gives a wave shape to all the soaps that leave the factory. Subsequently the wave became the symbol of Terres Dorées. So, we can find on the tables soaps with Verbena, Lavender but also with Orange Blossom or Monoï, patiently numbered by series. The range is slowly expanding and Taïdé presents it as it would offer the menu of the day.

On the menu, there are also tenderly simmered black soap in the back kitchen, liquid soaps, exfoliating soaps and like

dessert 150 grs rose soaps. This soap factory is a great success with the inhabitants of the city who come to stroll there in search of change of scenery and gifts.

But especially for the smile and the welcome of the house.

As Taïdé says with a big bewitching and youthful smile, the secret of success is "welcome and good food"Here it’s smells, but she notes all the recipes in a large notebook kept preciously like a family secret.

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